July 13, 2008

Bear River Evening

I found a gorgeous video on birdcinema.com. It was taken one evening at the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge in northern Utah. It's pretty amazing to realize the number of bird species that live or land in our inland state each year because of the Great Salt Lake.

The video is a little fuzzy as it's almost dark, but the sounds of thousands of birds feeding and communicating is just spectacular. I especially loved the eerie footage of the barn owl hunting (it looks like a ghost) and the Western grebe toting its chick on its back. You can't watch a video like this and not appreciate the beauty of birds! I had trouble embedding the video for some reason, but you can click here to view it directly on the Bird Cinema site. I promise it's worth opening a new window in your browser.


Anonymous said...

Wow, 2:50 of bliss! But what was the weird-ass rodent in the middle of the movie? I was hoping the barn-owl would swoop out of the sky and kill it with its massive talons! - Patrick

thomas said...

Lamo! (is that still an acceptable form of address)? This is your long lost little Ferron brother Thomas. My mom sent me the address to your blog and now I am a regular browser of "YourBOTW." Back in my awkward teenage years when I was in the thick of the whole finding out who you really are stage, your dad introduced Leslee, Jesse and I to the alluring world of birdwatching. It was good fun and this blog brings back some good memories. May I request a couple of birds to add to the blog (two of your dad's favorites): (1) the blue-footed boobie; and (2) the great white tit

Amy H. (bird geek) said...

Oh, sweet, little Thomas! How nice of you to leave a comment on my silly blog. I can't believe you're a married law student these days. (I can't believe Leslee is a pharmacist either.) But I'm very proud of both of you!

All I can say about your bird requests is "patience." There is plenty of time for all the profanely named birds. I will make an effort to get to one of them soon, though, for you.

Keep in touch in the meantime.

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