September 26, 2008

Being a Bird

I came across this Creature Comforts video on YouTube about "Being a Bird." If you've never watched a Creature Comforts short, they interview regular people about, say, flying on airplanes. They then take edited versions of those interviews and pair them up with animation of animals. (Their first video was about animals in the zoo, but the interviews were people in housing projects and retirement homes.)

The British are so clever.

Anyway, it's a little long, but some of it is pretty funny.

Have a good weekend!


Patrick said...

The british rock! I'm surprised some American television station has tried to pick this up and make an American version that sucks! Believe me, it will happen!

Patrick said...

Oh and I liked when the girl bird pooed! That was funny!

Patrick said...

So, yeah I was just informed that the US did try to make a version, and it failed. Thank you very much!

Tim said...

"It's not the fear of flying, it's the fear of crashing. A lot of people say they're frightened to fly, but they're not really. They're frightened of dying." So true, so true.

Good clip.

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